Corporate Issuer Peer Group Submissions 

Please follow the instructions to submit your peer group.

Submitting peers is optional and there is no requirement to submit if you believe Glass Lewis has details of your most recent publicly disclosed peer group.

Consistent with our policies and approach to proxy research, we cannot accept draft peer groups or consider information in our peer methodology which has not yet been made publicly available to shareholders. Where peers are not submitted, the compensation peer group disclosed in the proxy statement for your company’s most recently held annual general meeting.

Reasons you may wish to submit:

  1. Your company has a more recent public disclosure than the most recently filed Form DEF 14A or Management Information Circular with an updated peer group (e.g., on website or Form 8-K).
  2. Your company provided two compensation peer groups in your most recently filed Form DEF 14A or Management Information Circular, and you wish to clarify which peer group should be used by Glass Lewis. For example, you include one peer group for 2022 and one peer group for 2023 in your most recent proxy statement, the latter of which would be included in your 2024 proxy statement for 2023. In this case, Glass Lewis generally collects the 2022 data. If instead you wish for the 2023 data to be used, the peer group submission process allows you to confirm this information.
  3. Your company publicly disclosed your 2022 peer group and specific changes to the constituents of that peer group for 2023, without separately listing the 2023 peer group in full. In this case, Glass Lewis generally records the peer group for 2022 compensation; this submission process allows you to update this information with the 2023 peer group.

Please do not include your peer group for 2023 compensation (normally disclosed in your 2024 proxy statement) if it is not yet publicly disclosed.

Step 1. 

Download and complete the Peer Group Submission document with your most recent publicly disclosed peer group, used for setting executive compensation levels. NOTE! This document was updated. Please do not re-use old version.

Step 2.

Upload your completed Peer Group Submission document via the form on this page*. This portal will ensure your submission is tracked correctly.

Copy the URL link to your most recent publicly disclosed peer group in the area provided.

*email submissions will not be accepted. 

Step 3.

Complete the required contact details and submit your peers. 

Next Steps

A confirmation email will be sent; please allow up to 30-minutes for this message to reach you, and check you SPAM if you do not receive this. If we have any questions on the submitted peers, we will reach out directly. Self disclosed peer groups will be matched to proxy statement disclosures around the time of publication in Glass Lewis research and on the Diligent platform.